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October 4, 2016
by oppo

Don’t Be An Online Negative

Reputation management has come a long way since selling products on E-bay. Today, 86 percent of the public use a search engine to find information about a company or another person. Over half of the adults online have searched for their own name in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Almost half of these adults found negative results attached to their names. Over 70 percent of companies use an individual’s online reputation as a basis to higher or not to hire someone. It is vital that individual knows how to bury negative search results.

The majority of consumers are limited on understanding reputation management online. In fact, many people do not have the time to monitor their online reputation. A monitoring company can monitor content 24 hours a day. These companies who focus on reputation management, monitor the reputation of an individual, business, or the brand of a product. The company then addresses the content that is damaging to the individual, business, or product. Reputable companies are certified through the Online Reputation Management Association. The association requires the company to pass a certification program that ensures the best ethical practices when dealing with negative content.

There are several ethical ways that reputable companies bury bad news. The reputation management team of each company may chose to actively respond to public criticism by replying to a negative review. Another way of removing negative content is submitting a legal take down request if a person or company who may have been libeled. A more popular way of balancing out a negative reputation is by improving the tagging in positive customer testimonials.

Online reviews have the most influence on most people’s decision-making process. The more negative the content the less likely someone will buy from that company. A company might think since they are not a large company they do not have to worry about it. Google Local is one of the most heavily visited sites for customers looking for information. The reviews posted by others on that site paints a clear picture of what a local business is all about positive and negative.

A person or company’s online reputation can create significant opportunities. It is a matter of putting on the best face and stepping forward. Reputation management companies can help an individual put their best foot forward and create significant opportunities for themselves while having a pristine online reputation.

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October 4, 2016
by oppo

The Recognition of Brian Bonar in the Business World

Based on excellent achievement professionally, Brian Bonar has received the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year Award in Finance. This is a coveted award given to only two men and two women in each discipline each year, and it also takes into consideration leadership and academic skills shown in the professional achievement.

Known for his many years of outstanding professional contributions in the field of finance, Bonar serves as Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, a company dedicated to employer programs.

Bonar originally received his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, and then he continued for his MBS and Doctorate degrees from Staffordshire University. Because of decades of experience, educational background, and a personality that easily communicates with others, he is often on the speaker list for organizations. This leadership quality has enabled many young entrepreneurs to use him as a mentor in achieving their own success.

Dalrada Financial Corporation has served as a leader in developing and monitoring employer programs developed by Brian Bonar. These include workman’s compensation, financial management, management insurance and others. He makes sure that Dalrada delivers all that the company promises, and maintains the confidence of their clients.

During the last few years of world financial unrest, maintaining confidence has been a more difficult task that has required special communication skills. Brian Bonar often specializes in mergers and acquisitions. His unique qualities of leadership have resulted in numerous positions on the boards of strategic companies in the business world.

Bonar has a compelling drive to expand his horizons and continue to grow within his world. He started his own company of Smart-Tek Solutions, Inc. There have been great developments in the technical field during last few years, and Bonar wants to make sure that businesses are aware of and making use of new products and services.

This company relieves clients from many day-to-day tasks such as pay roll processing, safety, staff leasing, and other staff related programs. It provides core services and many employee benefits and products.

Bonar, serving as CEO, announced in 2009 that the company would change its name to Trucept , inc., which would give greater flexibility in the market. It retains that name today and delivers to business owners customized solutions which allows them to focus on growing their own business concept. Bonar also still serves as CEO.

In his leisure time, Brian likes to play golf and enjoy family life. He is a dynamo in the financial world, and he must surely budget his time!

October 3, 2016
by oppo

US Money Reserve Calls Brexit Gold Coin Most Promising Safe Haven

It’s hard to find fault with Brexit gold coins: Low costs and great investor diversification make them a sure bet for the long-term. Still, it’s difficult for many people to find the optimism in today’s market because of the instability and weakening of the dollar, yet by definition, gold brings security and has been the poster child for safe retirement funds. So what should you do in a complex, global economy? Invest in the most promising safe haven that helps you avoid market stumbles.

Why Brexit Gold Coins?

Gold has always been the holy grail insurance policy to protect wealth, and when Great Britain exited the European Union, Brexit Gold coins were seemingly the safe haven for investors. The world reacted to the British referendum last June, and as predicted, investors horded gold. Growing distrust of European institutions, and the weakening of the Euro, led to a downward trickling of investor confidence, which thereby helped the appetite for gold buying to skyrocket. Since then, Brexit gold coins have become of the most favorite assets to buy.

If you take a look globally, defaults on bonds have left many investors, especially small investors with lackluster retirement accounts. Thus another reason precious metals can help protect investment accounts from financial ruin. It can typically take seven plus years to recover from a moderate financial disaster.

Even Billionaires Have Their Eyes On Gold

Recently, big billionaire names have popped up on the investment scene that detail the hording of gold, like George Soros and John Paulson. They’ve recently sold off stock shares to sink millions into gold. Backed by these big investor names, newcomers have now become attracted to all the prospects of Brexit gold coins. “If you knew the history of gold, it would pretty much take the guesswork out of investment decisions,” says a US Money Reserve analyst. Fear and love are the most compelling arguments to invest in gold coins. The fear of an unstable market and declining dollar, and the love of precious metals and their historical significance.

So Again, Why Invest?

Gold and silver are the only metals that are accepted as payment and medium of exchange worldwide. The coins are rare, can not be propagated by humans and used for over 3000 years as a proven means of payment for goods and services – gold and silver are acceptable form of money. According to US Money Reserve numismatists, when other asset classes are losing value, Brexit gold coins can help secure your assets or even multiply.

September 28, 2016
by oppo

How Labaton Sucharow Influenced Recent Sec Payout And Their Achievements

Labaton Sucharow, like many law firms in the U.S. has dealt with cases in virtually all specialties, and more specifically cases that are presented by whistleblowers. Since 2010, Labaton Sucharow has been running a practice that works with whistleblowers who come with facts to be presented to the SEC later and their position in the process has been to ensure the facts included are fine-tuned to earn the highest possible payout. They also offer advice to the whistleblowers to inform them whether their cases can qualify for the award.

Following recent developments where the SEC issued a payout to their client, Labaton Sucharow is celebrating the success since their effort managed to produce the second highest compensated whistleblower by the SEC. Their client walked away with $17 million and is said to have exposed the wrongs that have prevailed in the financial services industry for many years.

The client was able to qualify for the reward due to what Labaton Sucharow terms as high-quality information and consistent facts throughout the presentation. The verification process also worked in favor of the client and offered him a better position to prove what he presented. It is through the services offered by Labaton Sucharow the client was able to seamlessly sail through the process and emerge with an impressive reward.

To many, this is a show of courage since the cases mentioned had been witnessed before by others but they chose to keep quiet since they involved influential persons in the financial markets. Jordan Thomas, a Labaton Sucharow attorney says the future of SEC could see more cases brought forward since such success and rewards are offering motivation to whistleblowers.

The SEC Whistleblower Program
The SEC Whistleblower Program was introduced following the failure of the Consumer Protection Act prior to 2010. With new regulations and systems, the SEC Whistleblower Program came in to help whistleblowers have easy time when presenting facts to the body. Some of the things that have been looked into include the ability to report anonymously and protection against employers if one reports violations.

Labaton Sucharow
Labaton Sucharow has established a system that works closely with SEC whistleblowers and their main role in this process is to ensure the facts presented are in line with what the SEC wants to see in a report. The firm has also been dealing with other forms of litigation like representing individuals and companies in complex cases.

September 27, 2016
by oppo

Labaton Sucharow Achieves A Milestone Through Their SEC Whistleblower Client

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is offering whistleblowers a chance to walk away with amazing rewards for their contribution in the fight against securities violations. In this pursuit, several law firms among them Labaton Sucharow have dedicated themselves to supporting the whistleblowers while presenting their cases. Labaton Sucharow is the first law firm to join in the fight against securities violations and their main role has been assisting whistleblowers so they can receive the highest possible payout. Learn more:


Following the recent announcement by the SEC highlighting the second biggest payout from the body, Labaton Sucharow joined in the celebrations since it is their client that had walked away with the huge compensation for exposing wrong doings in the financial services industry. The SEC paid $17 million to the whistleblower and vowed to continue the fight to sanitize the business world.


As the SEC enters its sixth year since inception, they have achieved a lot in the fight to curb securities violations and the body has continually worked on their policies to ensure whistleblowers are catered for and protected from any external aggression.


The said client had offered high-quality information that motivated the SEC to impose sanctions on a major company in the U.S. financial markets. During this process, the whistleblower was kept anonymous in line with their provisions introduced in 2010 during the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act amendment. Whistleblowers are guaranteed the right to privacy so they can be saved from any blacklisting or victimization that may emanate from the perpetrators of the violations.


These protections extend to employment and there is no room for an employer to threaten or sack an employee for exposing his/her wrong doings. Such provisions give whistleblowers the power they need to present cases and deal with securities violations and as a result, more people have matched to the SEC with evidence about violations in different industries.


About Labaton Sucharow and the SEC Whistleblower Program

Labaton Sucharow, which has been active for over 50 years, has worked with businesses and institutional investors representing them in complex litigation. Labaton was the first law firm in the U.S. to establish an exclusive unit focused on supporting whistleblowers looking to present their cases through the SEC Whistleblower Program.


Introduced in 2010, the SEC Whistleblower Program has sought to offer better reporting capabilities among whistleblowers through the revision of their laws. The company has established a rewards program that offers whistleblowers between 10 and 30 percent of sanctions collected and has rules that protect whistleblowers from any aggression.


May 21, 2016
by oppo

Kate Hudson Dishes on Fabletics

Marie Claire Magazine got Kate Hudson to dish on the new bathing suits and dresses that Fabletics has added to its spring and summer online collections. Hudson is one of the co-founder of Fabletics, which is an online fitness fashion retailer. She was happy to provide a sneak peek into the fabulous additions to the Fabletics spring and summer lines. In particular, Hudson says that she loves the freedom and comfort of being able to slip on one of the Fabletics dresses without having to wear Spanx or take forever to zip it up. The dresses are a breeze to throw on at any point during the day and should make it easier for women to transition from work to fun in the evenings. Hudson said that this is a major reason that Fabletics has done so well with women. She truly understands that women need to be able to fit a bunch of different activities during their day and do not want to deal with the hassle of changing multiple times. When Hudson was creating some of the concepts for the Fabletics line, she kept the working woman in mind and made sure to choose things that she would want to wear herself. As a working mother of two, Hudson clearly understands the daily struggles of fitting everything into a hectic schedule and looking good while doing it.

Fabletics has only been around since 2013, but it has become the authority on athleisure for women. This is because Fabletics has not sacrificed the quality of the materials or construction of its clothing in order to sell its outfits at incredibly reasonable prices. For only $49.95, customers can pick out a new outfit each month from Fabletics with shipping included. This is part of the VIP membership option that Fabletics offers to customers, which is by far the most popular way that customers shop at Fabletics online. There are several physical locations of Fabletics stores around the country, but its website offers the largest selection of the outfits and combinations available on

Hudson is actively involved in the design and creation of the Fabletics outfits on . In fact, she is often spotted wearing different Fabletics options around town in her daily life. She is one of many celebrities who have embraced the athleisure trend in recent years. Fabletics clothing is popping up everywhere, including in celebrity endorsements and gyms across the country.

March 3, 2016
by oppo

Sam Tabar and FullCycle Energy: An International Perspective

The decision to make Sam Tabar the Chief Operating Officer for FullCycle Energy Fund makes a great deal of sense. Working in the financial sector, Tabar has working in markets across the world, in disciplines that touch all facets of investment and management of capital.

Getting his start at the Sparx Group, Tabar spent a time as the group’s Co-Head of Marketing, coordinating funds and communication of one of the largest and most active independent funds in the Pacific and mainland Asia. With his successes with the group. Tabar found his stay in the region extended. He spent a time in Hong Kong, working for PMA Investment Advisors LTD leading their Asset Raising Team, finding new ways to increase profit.

Having thoroughly explored the Asian finance world, shows Tabar traded up, and relocated to New York city were he worked for Merrill Lynch. There, her was Head of Capital Strategy, and through that position, he targeted potential investors and expand on their buying options, refining the bank’s already impressive portfolio with more clients of import. He at times even took on the role of consultant, guiding Merrill Lynch’s operations through the back and front offices.

Working in finance may have taken him across the world and attracted the right kind of attention, law has also been a component of Tabar’s professional life. Having graduated from Columbia Law School in New York, after which time he obtained a practicing license and worked for Schulte, Roth & Zabel and Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom.

While either career track proved challenging as well as fulfilling, allowing him to work with talented people in various parts of the world, Tabar has not just limited himself to a professional life. In his own time, he has taken part in angel investing, and through philanthropy has supported many causes. This meeting of his expertise as an investor and his personal passions are perhaps best represented in his partnership with SheThinx. This is a company that has dedicated its operations to changing perceptions of women’s menstruation and the hygiene products they need while also fighting cultural stigmas in countries across Asia and Africa.

Tabar continues to work in finance. At present, he works as a capital strategist and investor through hedge funds. His knowledge of the international market and language skills has made him invaluable when it comes to communicating across borders on behalf of clients driven by their passions.  Sam is also charitable, helping AWI through his crowdfunding efforts online.

February 29, 2016
by oppo

A Look At Eucatex

The company Eucatex, which is based in Brazil, is primarily focused on manufacturing wooden panels and paints. The company was founded in 1951. From fairly modest beginnings, it has grown significantly. With more than six decades in the business, the company has managed to firmly establish itself as having a fairly strong reputation for itself in the world of construction and furniture.

Heading up the company is entrepreneur and mechanical engineer Flavio Maluf. He became the CEO of Eucatex in April of 2005. However, he has worked at the company for about three decades. In addition to heading up Eucatex, Wikipedia indicates that Maluf is also the president of GrandFood group. He has established a strong track record of successes for himself that stretches beyond his family name.

Of course, the name “Maluf” is one that is well-known in Brazil. Flavio Maluf is the eldest son of longtime politician Paulo Maluf whose political career spanned more than four decades. With such origins, it is perhaps unsurprising that Flavio Maluf has been driven to establish such a strong reputation for himself and the company that he heads up.  Check out what Flavio has said for the finance industry on

As the company Eucatex moves forward, it appears to be well-poised to continue being successful in a changing world. The company has worked to establish itself as a name associated with sustainability. It has gained both recognition and international certifications for its dedication to sustainable practices. It is working to maintain itself as an environmentally responsible and financially successful model.

Eucatex is also well-positioned to continue to thrive due to its location within Brazil. Its growth and progression as a business is set against the backdrop of the country of Brazil gaining note as an emerging player on the world stage. With these things working in its favor, Eucatex appears to be facing a very bright future.

February 29, 2016
by oppo

The Future of Inmate Visitation

A family member going to prison often means long trips to a remote location for just a glimpse of their loved ones. Before phone calls were the only form of contact with an inmate, Securus Technologies is changing that. The launch of the Securus Video Visitation app has been downloaded over 60,000 times on the Google Play store. The app lets people visit their loved ones anywhere. It lets users sync their calendars and visit details to help ensure the best video visit possible. 

The app lets inmates visit their entire family during the holidays, birthdays, or anytime a long trip to a prison isn’t logistically possible. The app is also available on the Apple App store which allows for anyone with any device to access their loved one. The app provides testing for wifi and cellular connections to make sure that video quality is optimal during the inmate communication. This mobility allows family members to live their lives without fear of missing a video call. This makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with loved ones. 

Securus added John Bell to its team in December 2015. Bell is the Senior Vice President of Sales for the company. Bell will oversee the 100 person sales staff employed by Securus. He has worked with IBM, Verizon, and AT&T in the past. His addition to the Securus team should them take advantage of the 800 products in their portfolio. Their portfolio includes products in emergency services, incident control, biometrics, communications, informational and investigational management. 

Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and is one of the leaders in the civil and criminal justice technologies field. Over the past three years they have invested $600 million dollars on the acquisition and development of new technology. They currently provide email, inmate phone calls, and video chat services to facilities across the United States. Securus provides support to inmates and their families, they also provide support to correctional officers and facilities. They currently serve 3,450 different correctional agencies throughout the United States. Their products are used by over 1.2 million inmate.

Learn more about Securus here:

February 17, 2016
by oppo

Strong Leadership Ensures that Coriant Satisfies

Shaygan Kheradpir is truly a man who marches to the beat of a different drummer. A charismatic and intelligent man, Kheradpir was born in in England, raised in Iran, and educated in Switzerland before coming to the U.S. A business and technology executive, Kheradpir stands out in a crowd. He holds a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

Kheradpir has served efficiently and successfully in many industries and institutions having held executive positions at GTE, Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Network. When asked about his success and his far-reaching influence, he never takes credit for himself. Instead he emphasizes the importance of good mentors. He looks not at what he gains from his work and positions but looks instead at ways he can be a value to others in the company. “The diversity of the roles he has had and the industries that he has served highlight his thoughts about his career path,”and show that he always has thought a “bit beyond the parameters of the roles he’s had.” His succcess is a direct result of the mission that drives him- “creating change that matters to people: customers, employees, and the community.”

In 2015, Shaygan Keradpir became the CEO and Chairman of Coriant. Always recognized as a catalyst for change, he is credited with being responsible for the company’s growth strategy, strengthening the focus on solutions that matter most to the customers.

Coriant Solutions, headquartered in the United States, provides telecommunication services to network operators in over one hundred countries. It offers services in optical planning, transport-solutions, intelligent network, and pact optical solutions. Coriant has an excellent reputations and has been touted as one of the “best companies to do business with.”

Coriant Solutions is founded upon proven technology that drives levels of efficiency, flexibility, and scalability in network transport networks that are unmatched in the fast-changing, cloud-enabled business world. This allows network operators to reduce operational complexity and improves utilization of their multi-layered resources.

Shaygan Keradpir is fortunate. He has “lived to see and had first hand involvement in technology becoming a pivotal player in technology with the ability to drive hyper efficiency and effectiveness of process and more importantly products and services that matter to people’s lives.” His intellect, his work ethic, and his concern for people has made him the drum major who is leading businesses and people into a more efficient and productive future.