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Neurocore: Neuroscience Making a Difference in People’s Lives

Depression is a devastating condition no one sees coming. Diagnosing the condition is elusive and sometimes too late. Treatments remain the same as they have for years. Experts can not even agree on whether depression is a mental disorder, chemical imbalance or brain dysfunction.

Neurocore is taking a novel approach to the devastating effects of depression.

Athletes know the effects of muscle memory. Specific tasks are learned through repetitive motion. Once the procedures are learned it is a matter of accessing them through a trigger. They will usually bounce the ball at the free throw line or take a deep breathe when ready for the shot. The zone feels like a peaceful, magical place. The blaring of the present is replaced with hours of practice. Read more about Neurocore at

Biofeedback has been a traditional way to treat things like chronic pain and high blood pressure. A patient learns to control involuntary functions. Brains can change, they can be exercised into a better condition.

Dr. Royer who started Neurocore says, many conditions can be treated in a drug-free way. One of the disorders that many hope Neurocore can make a difference, depression. There are many forms of the disease that Neurocore hopes to affect peoples lives. Patients are approaching the company; with chronic abd debillatating problems. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore completes a through mind mapping assessment to determine a base reading. A qEEG brainwave map, as well as other symptom rating scales, to complete the picture. The company wants to comprehend what is causing your depression and what are the triggers.

After the baseline has been established, Neurocore guides the patient through customized neurofeedback. Eighty-four percent of the clients who go through the program see a noticeable reduction in symptoms. Fifty-One percent did not feel the symptoms.

Neurocore has expanded its services to include Child ADHA to Stress and Memory help. The company offers complete privacy for their clients while at the facility.

The company is expanding to several locations. They now include Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, up to the north at Grand Rapids and Sterling Heights. Neurocore founded in 2004; the company is a force in the world of neuroscience.


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