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Matt Badiali Continues To Bang Drum For Freedom Checks

The reward for investors that took the time to understand and invest in the “freedom checks” that investment guru Matt Badiali has passionately urged those that heed his advice to try will soon be getting their first rewards. Badiali, who was among the first wave of investment advisors to become conscious of the opportunity expected the first wave of payouts to investors to be more than $34 billion. Read this article at Money Morning.

An investment must be made into freedom checks and Matt Badiali in no way tries to convince investors that the opportunity is some sort of get rich quick scheme. What is different with this opportunity is that investors are likely to receive better than average returns on their investment for many years.

The opportunity is available due to the passing of legislature by the United States Congress that paved the way for companies to establish master limited partnerships. This was done in 1981 and MLPs are partnerships in businesses that can be publicly traded.


Six years later, in 1987, Congress added to the previous legislature and allowed for MLP’s to enjoy tax-free status. The statute that governs this tax-free status is known as 26-F and a company must meet two requirements in order to qualify for this status. The company must first, 90 percent of the company’s profit must originate from some aspect of the oil and gas industry and second, the company must pay out 90 percent of their income to investors. These payments are what Matt Badiali is referring to when he uses the term ‘Freedom Checks.”

Matt Badiali urges investors that are interested in freedom checks that now is the time to take action. Investors that carefully select the right master limited partnerships in which to invest will reap the benefits of high annual returns. The fact that these companies are not subject to tax responsibility assures that returns on these investments will consistently outpace other investment vehicles.

Matt Badiali also points out to those that are still on the fence regarding this investment opportunity that it is not necessary to experience financial strain to invest in freedom checks as investors can get started with as little as $10. Read this article at

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