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Paul Mampilly`s efforts in the medical industry

Paul Mampilly is a renowned dynamic entrepreneur and an American investor. He was born in India and fled to the USA when he was still in his youthful age. He has featured on Fox Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg Tv. Paul is the founding manager of the prominent Profits Unlimited, an investment newsletter where he utilizes his vast knowledge, skills, and experience as the former Wall Street advisor. He advises over 90,000 followers on stocks that might shoot higher. He has a trend of being innovative in his endeavors.

Mampilly is out once more with a fascinating piece of the teaser pitch that is trending on Paul`s newsletters Profits Unlimited. Paul Mampilly has launched one of the top companies on the worldwide market that focuses on providing precision Medicine Revolution, which has brought up a substantial win to various investors for its roots being in the healthcare market. Paul strategic plans resonate on advancing the medical industry by bringing a strong medical treatment approach that is more powerful than the combination of drugs, vaccination, and medical devices. Therefore, this is one of the huge medical breakthroughs. Follow Paul Mampilly on

Paul Mampilly innovative brains in the medical field have attracted many investors and medical experts. Medical professionals believe that Paul`s idea is one of the revolutionary approaches that will be employed in the treatment of various diseases affecting people globally. The approach has been seen to change and trigger various health revolutions.

Paul has confidence in his medical work and believes that the company has the capacity to treat the most untreated disease in the world. The Mid-western Company has an asset and investment portfolio worth $1.5 billion. The company works under its core value, provision of precision medicine. The company focuses on the treatment of patients through looking at the patient`s DNA strands and designing the medicine that matches that patient`s genetic makeup.

Paul Mampilly believes that there are possibilities of looking at person`s DNA and wipe out diseases like Alzheimer`s, heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson`s among others. Thus the precision medicine will enable doctors to have an accurate identity of the medicines as well as the treatments approach that will be suitable to prevent patients from suffering from a particular disease basing on the individual genes.

Paul Mampilly has over 25 years of experience working in the investment industry. He began his career at Bankers Trust as a portfolio manager before leaving and joining Deutsche Bank as well as ING to manage multimillion dollar accounts. He later got recruited by Kinetics Asset Management as a senior manager. Under his leadership, the company`s assets grew to $ 25 billion. Learn more about Paul on

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