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Barabara Stokes: Making an Impact

When disaster strikes we as people have a good track record of being there. Though we are sometimes divided based on race, religion, political beliefs, and creed we as Americans understand that a time of crisis is not a time to hash out those disagreements. There are many different groups of people ad organizations that help out with relief efforts from different places. The government agency FEMA and many private contractors are ready to provide the service to the people the best of their ability. One of the newer people and company that is doing its part in these efforts and others is Barbara Stokes. Read this article at

Barbara Stokes is the founder and CEO of the company Green Structured Homes delivered or GSH for short. He alongside her husband has built this to company to a great size and they have worked with FEMA many times. The company is built on the production of green homes that are super resilient to a lot of different conditions including flame resistant. The homes are made of real quality materials and they are energy efficient along with this. The company has manufacturing plants in over eight states and they have a 28.5 dollar FEMA contract that is actually the latest in winning competitive contract awards. When the devastation of hurricane Katrina rocked Louisiana and Mississippi Barbara stokes was there and so was GSH.


The statistics on how many people lost their lives and homes are still being totaled to this day even a decade after the natural disaster and Barbara Stokes is helping to restore some of the damage with her state of the art Green homes. This just goes to show that no matter what happens we as people will always find a way. The houses that Barbara Stokes company builds are changing the paradigm and the way that FEMA and many other institutions act in natural disaster situations. Barbara Stokes is truly making an impact on the environment. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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