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For The Match Group Dating Is About Power, For Whitney Wolfe, It Is About Equality

Many of the largest corporations often find themselves driven by the power they have gained. As a result, they want more. This can and often does cause them to do shady things in order to gain more power. The Match Group is one of the company that is run with a desire for power. This is in contrast with a company that has been designed to bring forth equality.

One example of such a company is Bumble. The founder, Whitney Wolfe, has conceived the idea for the dating app after a very traumatic experience with Tinder, one of the companies in The Match Group.

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Whitney Wolfe has undergone many different types of traumas when she has worked with Tinder. She has used everything that she has gone through in order to think about what she can offer for women who are going through worse and need that support. This is when Bumble comes in. One thing that she has done with Bumble is make sure that women are the ones that are initiating. Men are disabled when it comes to their accounts. Therefore, they are unable to initiate contact with women. This is a welcome change of pace seeing that women get tons of messages on their apps from guys that are very desperate.

The Match Group has noticed the success of Whitney Wolfe and her company. Therefore, they are doing everything they can to make sure that they can get some of the success. One thing they are doing is trying to buy the product. Whitney Wolfe is not going to allow that. For one thing, she was very passionate about Bumble. She looks at Bumble as a vehicle of empowerment for women. She has wanted Bumble to be more than just dating. She wants to be a networking app for women as well.



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