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The successful startup history of Don Ressler

In 2010, Intelligent Beauty which was founded by Don Ressler launched JustFab. TechStyle Fashion Group, formerly known as JustFab is an online retailer that sells shoes, clothing, jewelry, etc. through subscriptions. Businessman Don Ressler is co-CEO of TechStyle Fashion Group and CEO of JustFab, which is also a subscription service online and a brand of TechStyle but it mainly sells active wear. Mr. Don Ressler founded TechStyle Fashion Group in partnership with Adam Goldenberg in March 2010.

The company received more than 33 million from the venture capital company Matrix Partners which is also based in the United States. A few years later, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg teamed up with the famous American actress Kate Hudson in order to design and launch Fabletics – a brand of JustFab that is also an online subscription service but mainly for active wear. The company at enjoyed a massive success on the very first day of the launch. It later launched commerce site The Fab Shoes which attracted millions of new clients from countries such as France and Spain.

Don Ressler is also the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Beauty, Inc. He co-founded FitnessHeaven.Com, Inc. and occupied the position of President and Chief Executive Officer. His business ventures include many other projects he co-founded. Such business venture is Intermix Media. He overlooked the company and its core operations, and during his tie, the shareholder value increased exponentially. Another one of his ventures is Alena Media which he also co-founded and also created Hydroderm – a successful skin care brand.

Mr. Don Ressler was a co-founder of the company Brand Ideas as well. His internet career started with him serving as an advertisement avenue for companies. This particular venture earned Mr. Don Ressler more than one billion dollars in sales. He was also able to raise over a hundred million dollars in capital for a variety of Internet companies. His success I the field of online sales and marketing earned him a favorable reputation as a verse businessman and as a brand builder.

Don Ressler is an extremely successful entrepreneur, and he has had a very long list of successful business ventures on LinkedIn. He has great skills in the art of building a brand from the ground up which he gained both because of his online presence and because of his dedication. Don Ressler is currently based in Los Angeles and s 28 years old.

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