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Jose Borghi: Difference between Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing and How to Leverage Them

Nowadays, companies seem to be relying a lot more on marketing and advertisements as a way to generate sales and create awareness on new products or services on Good advertisements and marketing are dependent on content that will be put out there and the message they want to send. Many advertising companies have perfected the art of when to use content marketing as opposed to inbound marketing and vice versa.

This article attempts to shed light on Jose Borghi’s thoughts and feelings about content and inbound marketing.

According to Jose Borghi. The CEO of Mullen Lowe in Brazil, inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on the audience and their problems. Inbound marketing delivers relevant information that helps the target market solve the problems they are facing. Conversely, content marketing for Borghi is a marketing strategy that puts out relevant information to the target market to prompt them to purchase the good or service being sold.

Many companies use inbound marketing to strengthen the brand name as well as gain customer trust and assert authority in the market. Companies and brands often find themselves trapped by the greed of wanting to attract more customers. Therefore, they execute rushed and thoughtless marketing campaigns that yield poor results.

Turning Poor Marketing Campaigns to Useful Campaigns

1. SEO Optimization

While some companies may get results by publishing content on various websites and blogs and social media platforms, they need to do more to sustain that success. Jose underlines the importance of SEO optimization. In content marketing, it is not enough to just create interesting content for the audience. The content has to present in a strategic way that accounts for the target market, market demographics, and the buying process among others.

2. Target Specific Niches

To create great content that not only reaches people but also forces them to react is imperative when it comes to market. For you to create great content like Jose Borghi, the first step is to narrow down your target audience to tailor the content in a way that relates to them. For example, you can decide to target senior citizens for particular products or services.

3. Ensure Content Reaches Target Market

Creating content that does not your target market is a waste of time and effort. Consider who the reader is and what is useful to them. Be creative when publishing the content. Take time, think, and do research on what kinds of sites you are likely to find the audience you seek. For instance, if your target market is the elderly, most of them are not online so you have to think creatively how you can reach them.

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