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Winter is vastly approaching and with that is all things drying. Dried out skin and dried out hair. I like to switch up my routine and start using a deep leave in conditioner once a month and more if needed. I have two favorites these days. One is Pureology and the other is Wen Re Intensive Hair Treatment.

Pureology is not a leave-in conditioner, but it is for color treated hair, and since I may or may not be a natural blonde, I like to use this product rather than a normal conditioner at least once a week. But if I’m really in need of some major treatment, then the Wen Re Intensive Hair Treatment is my go to product. It is a true leave-in conditioner. This is a great product that I like to use when I have over used heat tools on my hair consistently or my hair is just not working like it should. I leave it in for 20-30 minutes, then rinse and my hair comes back to life. Between the weather and the damage I put on my hair, it is the perfect product to restore my hair to a more natural state. Product link:

I would most certainly recommend both of these products as I use them both myself. The whole WEN hair care system is great and whatever you do to keep your hair healthy should always come with a little extra conditioning. To learn more about Wen, watch the product infomercials on QVC and on YouTube.


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