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The Case Of Marion Cotillard’s Wikipedia Page Shows Why You Should Hire Wiki Writers

Don’t you just wish you can take control of your Internet image? We all kind of do it already with social media. You post a little biography about yourself and upload photos of the best parts of your life in order to show everybody else that you are always having a good time. But when it comes to your professional image, or your company’s professional image, you need to take it one step further than social media. You need an unbiased positive written review of yourself.

When it comes to her professional breakdown of your image, you are probably not the best resource. You are unlikely to possess the professional writing skills of professional Wikipedia editors and writers to hone your reputation on the site for you. Even if you were fully equipped to write about yourself, you probably feel a little awkward doing so. And that is why you should hire professional Wikipedia writers from a company like Get Your Wiki to control your online image. Marion Cotillard could’ve used a few wiki writers recently.

The French actress has recently been trashed in the media, which trickles down to social media. This is all happening in the wake of the information that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce. Brad Pitt was recently on set filming the movie Allied with Marion Cotillard. The recently released trailers show the two in passionate exchanges and naturally entertainment journalists jump to conclusions. They blamed the breakup of Hollywood’s biggest couple on Marion Cotillard.

The French actresses page had two Wikipedia edits made by an anonymous source or sources. Screenshots of the changes caused a buzz in the form of entertainment news articles being shared on social media. The Hollywood actresses occupation was changed to show that she is a “cheater” and “the reason the power couple broke up”.

The crazy thing is that Wikipedia has safeguards that made Cotillard powerless in this attack. She cannot edit a Wikipedia page about herself, nobody can. That is why it is vital to have inexperienced Wikipedia writing crew on your side at all times. Not only can they put up a fantastic, independent written review of you in the form of a Wikipedia article, they can also monitor the page for any changes. They can make sure even a tiny change will not turn into shareable articles on social media.

The fact is that everybody is elbowing for position on the Internet and you should have Wikipedia writers in your corner. I bet Marion Cotillard wish she had.

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