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Billy McFarland the Genius Behind Magnises Continues to Empower Millennials

Billy McFarland has created a “black metal card” that gives millennials exactly what they want – unique experiences and exclusive perks. The 25-year old CEO and Founder of Magnises has built a club that gives its members access to exclusive events, perks, and freebies, all for an annual fee of 250 USD.

Members can link their credit and debit cards to the Magnises card, and begin experiencing a lifestyle that every millennial wants.

This is practically a steal, given how many great companies and brands have already tied up with them, among these are Tesla and Samsung. Members also get access to the most private parties and accommodations like those in the South Hamptons and Montauk.

The vision Billy McFarland made a reality has brought together the young working class by giving them an all-access pass to experiences that truly take their lives to a completely new level. These experiences are not just limited to elite parties and fancy dining experiences though.

Other great benefits include access to cultural events, sporting events, live shows, concerts, as well industry gatherings, and opportunities to connect with great professionals and industry leaders. Members can also get VIP access to fitness classes, travel upgrades, shopping discounts, and a first look at the latest offerings from Magnises’ featured brands.

These perks and events may seem too elitist and overly fancy for some, but by paying a small fixed fee yearly, this is a great investment for enriching and empowering oneself by experiencing the best things life has to offer. Magnises is really a great venue for millennials to take part in a community where they can network and enjoy at the same time.

In a span of 2 years, they were able to raise more than 3 million worth of funding from investments and memberships. The company initially started with offices in Washington DC and New York, and have now successfully expanded to San Francisco, with tens of thousands of members and growing.

This is definitely a great feat accomplished by the 25-year old visionary in such a short span of time, since he started this venture when he was only 23. Billy McFarland has always had an enterprising and creative spirit even at a young age.

At the age 13, he started an online outsourcing business that matched designers to prospective clients. In college, he studied computer engineering in Bucknell University, but dropped out shortly during his freshman year. He soon moved forward and established Spling Inc. which he still heads as CEO today.

In 2013, he founded Magnises, and successfully launched the card seven months after. Since then, McFarland’s venture has shown progress at lightning speed. This is evident when highlighting his business acumen and ingenuity to keep a company afloat in an economy where most start-ups easily fail. With millennials constantly hungry for bigger and bolder experiences, Magnises will continue to rise and move forward.

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