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The Recognition of Brian Bonar in the Business World

Based on excellent achievement professionally, Brian Bonar has received the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year Award in Finance. This is a coveted award given to only two men and two women in each discipline each year, and it also takes into consideration leadership and academic skills shown in the professional achievement.

Known for his many years of outstanding professional contributions in the field of finance, Bonar serves as Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, a company dedicated to employer programs.

Bonar originally received his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, and then he continued for his MBS and Doctorate degrees from Staffordshire University. Because of decades of experience, educational background, and a personality that easily communicates with others, he is often on the speaker list for organizations. This leadership quality has enabled many young entrepreneurs to use him as a mentor in achieving their own success.

Dalrada Financial Corporation has served as a leader in developing and monitoring employer programs developed by Brian Bonar. These include workman’s compensation, financial management, management insurance and others. He makes sure that Dalrada delivers all that the company promises, and maintains the confidence of their clients.

During the last few years of world financial unrest, maintaining confidence has been a more difficult task that has required special communication skills. Brian Bonar often specializes in mergers and acquisitions. His unique qualities of leadership have resulted in numerous positions on the boards of strategic companies in the business world.

Bonar has a compelling drive to expand his horizons and continue to grow within his world. He started his own company of Smart-Tek Solutions, Inc. There have been great developments in the technical field during last few years, and Bonar wants to make sure that businesses are aware of and making use of new products and services.

This company relieves clients from many day-to-day tasks such as pay roll processing, safety, staff leasing, and other staff related programs. It provides core services and many employee benefits and products.

Bonar, serving as CEO, announced in 2009 that the company would change its name to Trucept , inc., which would give greater flexibility in the market. It retains that name today and delivers to business owners customized solutions which allows them to focus on growing their own business concept. Bonar also still serves as CEO.

In his leisure time, Brian likes to play golf and enjoy family life. He is a dynamo in the financial world, and he must surely budget his time!

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