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Don’t Be An Online Negative

Reputation management has come a long way since selling products on E-bay. Today, 86 percent of the public use a search engine to find information about a company or another person. Over half of the adults online have searched for their own name in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Almost half of these adults found negative results attached to their names. Over 70 percent of companies use an individual’s online reputation as a basis to higher or not to hire someone. It is vital that individual knows how to bury negative search results.

The majority of consumers are limited on understanding reputation management online. In fact, many people do not have the time to monitor their online reputation. A monitoring company can monitor content 24 hours a day. These companies who focus on reputation management, monitor the reputation of an individual, business, or the brand of a product. The company then addresses the content that is damaging to the individual, business, or product. Reputable companies are certified through the Online Reputation Management Association. The association requires the company to pass a certification program that ensures the best ethical practices when dealing with negative content.

There are several ethical ways that reputable companies bury bad news. The reputation management team of each company may chose to actively respond to public criticism by replying to a negative review. Another way of removing negative content is submitting a legal take down request if a person or company who may have been libeled. A more popular way of balancing out a negative reputation is by improving the tagging in positive customer testimonials.

Online reviews have the most influence on most people’s decision-making process. The more negative the content the less likely someone will buy from that company. A company might think since they are not a large company they do not have to worry about it. Google Local is one of the most heavily visited sites for customers looking for information. The reviews posted by others on that site paints a clear picture of what a local business is all about positive and negative.

A person or company’s online reputation can create significant opportunities. It is a matter of putting on the best face and stepping forward. Reputation management companies can help an individual put their best foot forward and create significant opportunities for themselves while having a pristine online reputation.

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