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Sam Tabar and FullCycle Energy: An International Perspective

The decision to make Sam Tabar the Chief Operating Officer for FullCycle Energy Fund makes a great deal of sense. Working in the financial sector, Tabar has working in markets across the world, in disciplines that touch all facets of investment and management of capital.

Getting his start at the Sparx Group, Tabar spent a time as the group’s Co-Head of Marketing, coordinating funds and communication of one of the largest and most active independent funds in the Pacific and mainland Asia. With his successes with the group. Tabar found his stay in the region extended. He spent a time in Hong Kong, working for PMA Investment Advisors LTD leading their Asset Raising Team, finding new ways to increase profit.

Having thoroughly explored the Asian finance world, shows Tabar traded up, and relocated to New York city were he worked for Merrill Lynch. There, her was Head of Capital Strategy, and through that position, he targeted potential investors and expand on their buying options, refining the bank’s already impressive portfolio with more clients of import. He at times even took on the role of consultant, guiding Merrill Lynch’s operations through the back and front offices.

Working in finance may have taken him across the world and attracted the right kind of attention, law has also been a component of Tabar’s professional life. Having graduated from Columbia Law School in New York, after which time he obtained a practicing license and worked for Schulte, Roth & Zabel and Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom.

While either career track proved challenging as well as fulfilling, allowing him to work with talented people in various parts of the world, Tabar has not just limited himself to a professional life. In his own time, he has taken part in angel investing, and through philanthropy has supported many causes. This meeting of his expertise as an investor and his personal passions are perhaps best represented in his partnership with SheThinx. This is a company that has dedicated its operations to changing perceptions of women’s menstruation and the hygiene products they need while also fighting cultural stigmas in countries across Asia and Africa.

Tabar continues to work in finance. At present, he works as a capital strategist and investor through hedge funds. His knowledge of the international market and language skills has made him invaluable when it comes to communicating across borders on behalf of clients driven by their passions.  Sam is also charitable, helping AWI through his crowdfunding efforts online.

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