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A Look At Eucatex

The company Eucatex, which is based in Brazil, is primarily focused on manufacturing wooden panels and paints. The company was founded in 1951. From fairly modest beginnings, it has grown significantly. With more than six decades in the business, the company has managed to firmly establish itself as having a fairly strong reputation for itself in the world of construction and furniture.

Heading up the company is entrepreneur and mechanical engineer Flavio Maluf. He became the CEO of Eucatex in April of 2005. However, he has worked at the company for about three decades. In addition to heading up Eucatex, Wikipedia indicates that Maluf is also the president of GrandFood group. He has established a strong track record of successes for himself that stretches beyond his family name.

Of course, the name “Maluf” is one that is well-known in Brazil. Flavio Maluf is the eldest son of longtime politician Paulo Maluf whose political career spanned more than four decades. With such origins, it is perhaps unsurprising that Flavio Maluf has been driven to establish such a strong reputation for himself and the company that he heads up.  Check out what Flavio has said for the finance industry on

As the company Eucatex moves forward, it appears to be well-poised to continue being successful in a changing world. The company has worked to establish itself as a name associated with sustainability. It has gained both recognition and international certifications for its dedication to sustainable practices. It is working to maintain itself as an environmentally responsible and financially successful model.

Eucatex is also well-positioned to continue to thrive due to its location within Brazil. Its growth and progression as a business is set against the backdrop of the country of Brazil gaining note as an emerging player on the world stage. With these things working in its favor, Eucatex appears to be facing a very bright future.

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