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Strong Leadership Ensures that Coriant Satisfies

Shaygan Kheradpir is truly a man who marches to the beat of a different drummer. A charismatic and intelligent man, Kheradpir was born in in England, raised in Iran, and educated in Switzerland before coming to the U.S. A business and technology executive, Kheradpir stands out in a crowd. He holds a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

Kheradpir has served efficiently and successfully in many industries and institutions having held executive positions at GTE, Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Network. When asked about his success and his far-reaching influence, he never takes credit for himself. Instead he emphasizes the importance of good mentors. He looks not at what he gains from his work and positions but looks instead at ways he can be a value to others in the company. “The diversity of the roles he has had and the industries that he has served highlight his thoughts about his career path,”and show that he always has thought a “bit beyond the parameters of the roles he’s had.” His succcess is a direct result of the mission that drives him- “creating change that matters to people: customers, employees, and the community.”

In 2015, Shaygan Keradpir became the CEO and Chairman of Coriant. Always recognized as a catalyst for change, he is credited with being responsible for the company’s growth strategy, strengthening the focus on solutions that matter most to the customers.

Coriant Solutions, headquartered in the United States, provides telecommunication services to network operators in over one hundred countries. It offers services in optical planning, transport-solutions, intelligent network, and pact optical solutions. Coriant has an excellent reputations and has been touted as one of the “best companies to do business with.”

Coriant Solutions is founded upon proven technology that drives levels of efficiency, flexibility, and scalability in network transport networks that are unmatched in the fast-changing, cloud-enabled business world. This allows network operators to reduce operational complexity and improves utilization of their multi-layered resources.

Shaygan Keradpir is fortunate. He has “lived to see and had first hand involvement in technology becoming a pivotal player in technology with the ability to drive hyper efficiency and effectiveness of process and more importantly products and services that matter to people’s lives.” His intellect, his work ethic, and his concern for people has made him the drum major who is leading businesses and people into a more efficient and productive future.

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