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When He Isn’t Working for Ellipse, Urbana Works On Charities

In Jon Urbana’s life, he has managed to accumulate many successes with his various endeavors. Since he is looked up to many people, he is a role model for the younger generation. His accomplishments are many, and here are some of them:

Jon Urbana is known to many as a star player for the Villanova lacrosse team, but these days he spends his time as the Head of Business Development at a company called Ellipse USA that deals with Laser technologies. IPL is the area he mainly works on. In his daily duties he oversees the marketing department and communicates regularly with Regional Managers of the company. His economics degree from Villanova University has assisted him in his many duties with marketing, strategic planning and new business development on platforms like Product Hunt.

Lacrosse Is Something Jon Urbana Is Passionate About

In college, Jon Urbana was on the Tewaaraton Award Watchlist, CAA Defensive Player of the Year and the NCAA Division 1 All-American. After college, he decided to open a camp for younger lacrosse players. At the camp, they learn the meaning of teamwork, and he coaches and teaches them to become the best players that they can be. You can even find Jon Urbana using Twitter during the summer, coaching his students after-hours.

His Charity Work Is Important To Him

Jon Urbana is also busy with his charity work that means a lot to him. It is all about saving the planet, and he’s in the midst of a big drive called Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc. Since there are a number of people in his community that feel the same way he does, they cooperate and help to save the planet too.

His Flying Career Is Astounding

Jon Urbana has shared his aviation videos on Facebook. He even received an award for his excellence in piloting from the Federal Aviation Administration. The award is the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification for his exceptional ability to maneuver a plane in the air, taking off and landing.

All of his successes are impressive. There will surely be many more accomplishments that Jon Urbana will have in the future. Since he is a rising artist in the music world where plenty of his tracks are on his Tumblr, they will look forward to the next endeavors that he takes on, and they can learn from him in tremendous ways.

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