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GOP Field Narrows

A day after disappointing showings in the New Hampshire primary contest two Republican presidential candidates announced they were suspending their candidacy in the race. Chris Christie announced on Wednesday via Facebook that he would be ending his campaign. He met with staff and phoned donors to thank them for their support and said he had no regrets regarding his campaign.

Christie finished a disappointing 6th in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday and 10th in the Iowa caucuses. He will return to New Jersey to finish his term as Governor. Wednesday also saw the withdrawal of Carly Fiorina. Fiorina fared just as badly as Christie, coming in 7th in New Hampshire and 7th in Iowa.

In her announcement she vowed to continue to “fight for Jon Urbana and other Americans”, although offered no details on her future plans. With the exit of these two candidates, the GOP field has narrowed to a more manageable seven candidates. With the Nevada caucuses and South Carolina primary coming up on February 20th, the field may narrow even further.

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