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Handy Cleaning Services Helped Me to Spend More Time With My Kids

There’s been many times in the past when I would come home from work, and my kids would want or need my attention for one reason or another. Sometimes, they would need help with their homework, and sometimes, they would just want me to play with them. I wanted to be there for them and spend as much time as I could with them. However, I had a whole house to keep up as well. We live in a five bedroom home with two bathrooms, which is quite big, and someone had to keep up with it.

The main chores that I had to do on a daily basis to keep our home looking halfway decent were the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, mopping the kitchen, picking up items several times a day, and some other smaller chores as well. These chores were to manage the house, but it was never enough to fully clean the home. I couldn’t do it anymore because I was too busy. My neighbor told me that Handy came in and cleaned their home, and they did a great job. She told me about all of the great services that they offer.
Some of the wonderful services that she told me about were cleaning the rooms in the home, cleaning inside the cabinets, cleaning inside the fridge, cleaning the oven, and some other services too. I knew that was the company that I needed to have come in and clean my home. I called them immediately, and they were glad to get me set up for regular cleanings. I now have the Handy workers come and clean my home twice a week, and they are always on time. They have the best cleaners, and they know what I need. I expect my home to look a certain way with the natural cleaning products that I use, and the Handy cleaners understand that, and they clean everything the way that I like it.

I am so glad that my neighbor told me about Handy. They not only do their job the right way, they never disappoint me either when it comes to the work they do. I’m no longer missing out on spending time with my children. I can come home from work and help them with their homework, and I can come home and play with my children before I have to make dinner. I am truly grateful for Handy. The company has helped me to spend more time with my kids because they clean my home when I need it.

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