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Charles Koch and the Poverty

Charles Koch is one of the supporters of the free market and a smaller government. Among the problems that Charles Koch and his group sees with the justice system is that it is responsible for what is known as the poverty trap. This trap is known to cause despair and incarceration. Also, in this current justice system, the poor are looked at as less than the rich and are treated as such. Charles has been involved in giving to charitable organizations that are designed to promote free-market ideas. Charles has also helped to encourage people to be entrepreneurs and work for themselves.

Charles Koch has also helped his brother in his campaign for vice presidency in the Libertarian party. Charles and his group sees a major problem in the way things are. One major player in the issue is the justice system. They see that the justice system is not fair. Also, the justice system is wasteful when it comes to issues like incarceration. According to a study that has been conducted by Villanova University, mass incarceration is responsible for about 20% of the poverty rate. At lease a few million people would have been spared from being impoverished.

The Koch family believes that other people could be set free from poverty if changes have been made to the justice system. One thing that Charles Koch believes is that the classical liberal is all about a peaceful society that allows people opportunities for life improvement. Koch and Holden want a society where people succeed by helping others succeed. In order to accomplish that, there needs to be some cuts made to spending in the government. For instance, the law enforcers should focus on the real dangers and threats to society as opposed to the people who commit misdemeanors or are just faced with bad circumstances. If law enforcement centered on people who were major threats to society and security, then the justice system would be more efficient.

Charles Koch is very passionate about not only helping people, but teaching them how to help themselves. He does not like the idea of people having to depend on others for their needs. He not only gives to charities that promote these ideas, but he also speaks on these ideas in various impoverished neighborhoods. He also addresses the issues that are proving to be major barriers to people who are less fortunate. He understands that the key to financial independence is getting education and possibly becoming an entrepreneur.

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