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August 24, 2016
by oppo

My Three Go-to Lip Balms

I don’t know about you, but from time to time I struggle with dry lips. It seems that no amount of hydration can cure my suffering lips. In times like these, I reach for one of my three favorite lip balm’s.
One of my favorites is Burt’s Bees. If you are looking for a product that helps with hydration and adds nourishment, look no further. Burt’s Bees is all natural and will instantly smooth those dry lips.

Another lip balm I can’t live without is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm. I love Palmer’s products, so naturally I had to try the lip balm, and it didn’t disappoint. Palmer’s lip balm is enriched with Vitamin E and lasts long after application.

My top choice is Evolution of Smooth. Evolution of Smooth, which you probably know as EOS, is this cute and stylish little sphere of lip moisture. I initially tried EOS because it looked different than any other lip balm that I’ve ever seen. After my first application, I had to add it to my list of go-to lip balms.

Evolution of Smooth is enriched with Vitamin E, Shea butter and Jojoba oil. Each ingredient is aimed at giving you soft and beautiful lips, and from my experience, it works. An appealing element of the EOS lip balm’s is the wide variety of colors and the wonderfully alluring flavors. Strawberry Sorbet, Vanilla Mint, and Fresh Grapefruit are just a few of the sweet smelling options to choose from. This is definitely a great product to try, and I promise you will fall in love. Visit

Next time your body surprises you with unsightly dry lips, make sure to pick up one of my go-to lip balms. Better yet, pick up all three and decide which one you like best. EOS products are available on Walmart and can also be bought online on Amazon.

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August 16, 2016
by oppo

Madison Street Capital Releases its Hedge Fund M&A Overview for 2016

Madison Street Capital is one of the top average investment banking companies. They offer different types of financial solutions, which include business valuation, estimation for financial records, corporate guidance, and fiscal suggestions for middle-market firms. It was established in 2005 and has been helping it customers who are in various sectors. The company and its staff believe that all the employees are distinctive, and their problems need to be studied carefully and given the best solutions that match their situation. Madison Street Capital works hard to ensure that the customers are offered excellent merger and acquisition (M&A) guidance solutions, and they help them after determining the real value of the business.


Getting the services of the right financial counselor has been a problem for proprietors of middle market companies even though many investment banking firms are operating in the market. Madison Street Capital has a good record of providing services to clients who need the best lending, creating a competent exit strategy, and acquisitions. The company has branches in North America, Asia, and Africa. It is a top provider of valuation solutions and M&A guidance and is appropriately established in self-governance and corporate administration both locally and globally. It has information, experience, and widespread associations to suit working buyers and sellers, and also the capacity to offer adequate investment and financing strategies to every situation that its clients face. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital released its 4th version of its hedge fund sector M&A overview and according to the report, it managed to seal or publicize 42 hedge fund transactions. This exceeds the 32 deals that were done in 2014. According to AUM’s approximation, the number of deals that were done in 2015 was 27 percent more than those that were conducted in 2014. This volume was driven by the trend of contracts that occurred in 2015’s fourth quarter, and they significantly contribute to creating a business spirit that will make 2016 to be a recognized in hedge fund M&A deals.


The report that was released by the company shows that the hedge fund sector’s assets are usually high even though there was an average functioning in many hedge fund policies of 2015. The operation of the hedge fund fell back, but organizational investors are always creating more provisions for the alternative property management industry, and they expect to get greater profits for them to match the growing number of liabilities. Small sized administrators of hedge funds are working hard to draw new funds, and therefore, they are running below the best portfolio ability. General managers are facing higher budgets in running the business while still being affected by a downward weight of fees. These issues have led to administrators of hedge funds considering the use of well-planned alternatives.

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August 7, 2016
by oppo

InnovaCare and Medicare Advantage Plans For Your Convenience

When it comes to seeing any sort of healthcare professionals in the world you need to have the coverage in place to be able to do it. And, while there are many individuals who are on medicare, almost one third of the people on medicare are able to use medicare advantage instead. While medicare advantage s considered to be the private medicare type of health plan, there are many other benefits and items that set it apart from the others as well.

When you think about medicare advantage, then you should also consider not just the health care plan itself but also the other potential benefits such as routine dental and vision care. Many people rely on medicare advantage because of how much additional they can cover in terms of overall coverage and services. In order to join the plan you have to already have medicare parts A and B, and you also must live in the plan’s area of coverage. You also have to be aware of the fact that you may have to pay an additional insurance premium with your standard medicare insurance premium.

Read more: Meet Our CEO

One of the top organizations that is helping to create simple to use and convenient health care solutions is InnovaCare Health. People have fallen in love with the idea of a healthcare system where patients actually come first and where quality healthcare of InnovaCare Health is put on the front burner while worrying about costs is placed on the back burner. People are getting so sick and so fed up when it comes to the state of the current health care system in general and especially in the last few years. However, when you can find something such as a quality system that will allow for people to have health care solutions that actually benefit them, you will also find an organization that is sure to rise to the top of the healthcare world. That is exactly what InnovaCare has done and it is how they are moving forward so quickly as well.

When you think about any given organization and you start to look into why they have had such success, you can check out how they are structured and get a better picture. For InnovaCare, a few names like Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer. Also with the help of Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer have both had tremendous input in creating a system that makes so much sense for the health care world. Not only does their experience show, but their passion does as well.

July 26, 2016
by oppo

Helping Revitalize Russia’s Economy

An interesting article on the LostRemote website details the important work being done by businessman Alexei Beltyukov to help revive the Russian economy. In part because of political troubles in Crimea as well as the Ukraine, the Russian economy is not as functioning as well as it should currently.

Alexei Beltyukov sees the solution as encouraging entrepreneurship in the country, especially in the technology sector, and towards this end he helped found Skolkovo Foundation, which provides aid to fledgling businesses. Beltyukov, a successful entrepreneur himself, understands the many challenges that startup businesses face, and Skolkovo Foundation promotes innovation across Russia.

The foundation is sponsored by the government, and, among other things, provides tax breaks, offers advice on taxes and serves as a small-business incubator. Beltyukov – along with the other founders of Skolkovo Foundation – is distressed by how many Russians with business talent are leaving their native country, and he is strongly committed to aiding those who choose to do business in Russia.

A highly regarded financial expert today, Alexei Beltyukov actually began his career in medicine before switching to business. He earned an MBA and has started a number of successful businesses. Beltyukov believes strongly in the value of education and is a founder of SOLVY, an online area where school children can receive help with their studies.

One of his best known ventures is Endemic Capital, a group that offers angel-funding opportunities to select Russian businesses. indicates Beltyukov is from Russia and currently does business out of New York City; he brings an international perspective to his dealings and his opinions on global finance are highly regarded.

July 26, 2016
by oppo

Bustle Magazine Posts Wen by Chaz Testimonials

WEN hair by Chaz really works and thousands of people are testifying to their results. They allow you to transform your hair from dull to shiny and free flowing locks during the first week of use. A testimonial from one skeptic produced another believer. It is clear that she has experienced far less breakage during her shower shampoo treatments. Wen by Chaz gives your hair the optimum performance and life giving essentials that are not provided through more expensive treatments. Free your mind and get your hair care confidence back for a fraction of the cost of others.

Wen by Chaz founder says he’s committed to all natural ingredients back with their money back guarantee. Their cleansing conditioner is their most sought after product on Sephora. Give your hair character and the healthy benefits of Wen by Chaz hair care products. You’ll love the new look of your transformed look. Each of their products have the usage clearly listed on their products. Customers will never have to fret over their hair care treatments. Wen by Chaz meets the demands of any budget without their customers breaking the bank for reliable hair care solutions.

Amazon online customers appreciate the rich aroma of Wen by Chaz products and the ingredients work deeply in the scalp for an enriched treatment every time. Bustle testimonials continue to attest to their results. You’re encouraged to take the (7) day challenge for better hair care results. Many customers say they have seen results after just one week. First time users are encouraged to use Wen hair by Chaz every day for one week and document their results. They are guaranteed to revolutionize your hair in under a week. Visit the Wen by Chaz official website for more details on advanced products that will strengthen and build your hair after committed routine use.


July 20, 2016
by oppo

Think Again before Renting out Your House for Short Term Use

Most people consider renting out their house or part of it as a way of earning extra income. Homeowners can get cash by renting out their homes to travelers for a short duration. However, as a homeowner do not be too quick to rent out your house. The temporary renters can cause some unexpected problems that your homeowner insurance may not cover. Such a scenario might cause legal and financial problems. Before renting out your house through Airbnb or any other firm put into consideration the factors below.

Risks involved

The risks of having tenants in your house are many. Note that you will be liable for any injuries caused by the tenants, theft cases and damage to your house or your neighbor’s property. You will also be responsible for illegal activities taking place in your rented house and lawsuits resulting from any of their actions. Consider the fact that sometimes such guests may refuse to pay.

Insurance coverage

Note that short term rentals are never part of policies given by homeowner’s insurance cover. Therefore, you will be liable for expenses incurred by your short terms tenants like water bills or electricity bills. An individual is also responsible for all actions by the guests.


Consider looking at the security terms offered by Airbnb and other such organizations. Note that such organizations just help homeowners to get tenants. However, they do not provide much protection for your property. After looking into the above factors, you can then decide whether to rent out your house or not.

About Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is a company that specializes in investment. The company offers asset management and financial planning to residents of Austin, Texas and surrounding cities. Richard Blair is the founder of the Austin-based investment company. The company was established in 2012, and it has grown since then, evident in the number of employees it has.

About Richard Blair

Richard is an executive, and he is the sole owner of Wealth Solutions, Inc. The company operates in Austin, TX. Blair is subject to SEC oversight, and he has been holding industry securities registration for 22 years.

Richard offers advisory services and financial planning services. Blair worked for other companies, and that gave him the experience and knowledge to run his business. Blair specializes in assisting his customers to bridge the gap between planning for retirement and living in retirement. Blair does so by helping his clients avoid common mistakes and providing them with strategies for retirement income planning.

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July 18, 2016
by oppo

Online Reputation Management Tips

With almost every company moving their business online, reputation management over the internet is crucial. You should reduce the chances of clients running into negative information about your company online. The same applies for individuals. A bad online reputation could cost you a job. Therefore, it is important that online reputation is tracked at all times and repaired immediately, that is, in case of a crisis. The following tips should help you in effectively managing your online reputation.

Monitoring your Brand
The first step in managing your online reputation is managing your brand. Monitoring keeps you aware of what people are saying about your company at all times. This will help you make changes before a crisis arises.

Managing your Brand
Managing your brand online will involve doing everything possible to ensure that your reputation is perfect at all times. If you find management work tasking, you can contract one of the many online management reputation companies to do it for you.

Repairing your Reputation
You need not panic if you find yourself in a crisis. There are so many ways to repair your reputation online. It is all in how you tackle the situation. In some cases, the crisis can be twisted to work to your advantage. In case of a crisis, do not be in a hurry react. Just reassure your customers as you find the best way to handle the issue. Fix Search Results is one of the companies that might help if you need your online reputation repaired.

About Fix Search Results
Fix Search Results is one of the leading companies dealing with the repair of online reputation. They have worked with over a thousand client and helped them repair their damaged reputation. The customer service of Fix Search Results can easily be reached on their official website,

July 15, 2016
by oppo

The Success Story Behind Davos Financial Group

David Osio attended one of the best universities in Latin America and Venezuela called Catholic University of Andres Bello with an advanced degree in International Banking Law. Upon graduation, Osio started his career as President and CEO of company OPED Enterprise, which was primarily focused on the exportation of coffee products. After his time at OPED Enterprises finished, he held a distinguished executive position in LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES where he was responsible for designing marketing products for several industrial products in the United States marketplace.

In 1984, David Osio decided to utilize his skills as a banking lawyer by joining the prestigious MGO law firm in Caracas. Within this role, he was charged with focusing his law practice on high profile clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. Shortly after, David Osio relocated to Miami for a position in the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International.

Once David Osio had worked for Banco Latino International, he decided to start his own venture in 1993 and called it Davos Financial Group. This was the first business in Venezuela that was dedicated to giving financial advice for a specific elite group of clientele. Since founding Davos Financial Group, David Osio has been able to expand his offices to places such as Panama, New York, and Geneva.

In addition to David Osio’s incredible success, he has also remained dedicated to social responsibility. One of his primary focuses is dedicated programming to non-profit organizations who support citizens who do not have access to art and culture. David Osio has contributed a great deal of support to the Miami Symphony Orchestra and the Saludarte Foundation. As far as international charitable organizations, David Osio also supports Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, Fundana Foundation, and UMA Foundation.

Given David Osio’s incredible success within the Banking Law and global financial sectors, it will be incredible to see what he does next. The reason for this is that he found a way to connect his home country of Venezuela to elite banking institutions around the globe for elite clients. Through his flawless and detailed advising, he has created a solid reputation in the field that will serve him well in the years to come. David Osio’s charitable efforts are noteworthy as he uses his unique global contacts to make a positive difference in the world around him.

Learn more:

July 14, 2016
by oppo

The Business Savvy of Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer, the president of Brazil’s RBS Group recently met with the members of the View Club to discuss various subjects. One of the several matters he discussed and strongly denied any truth to was rumors of the selling of RBS Rio Grande do Sul. He also answered in full every question put to him by the club members in attendance. Some of the questions concerned what his feeling about being the leader of a communications business while the industry is currently going through a worldwide upturn. To such questions, he always replies that being the leader of the company started by his grandfather is a dream come true.

Duda leads a huge company that has big time investors from all over the world. Melzer entered his business career by first earning an MBA in Business Administration at Harvard. After graduation, he had a sterling career in the U.S. company, Boxtop Media. Before coming to RBS served as the franchise director of Sweet Sweet Wau. As mentioned, coming to RBS Group was something he has always wanted to do. And not only has he joined the company, but he has become its leader. He leads a massive award-winning company of 6,000 employees.

In 2015 he was selected to be included on the annual list of leaders by the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. This list names the best new generations of entrepreneurial families in the world. And in April 2016 he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young. Melzer also currently serves as chairman and founder of e.Bricks, which is itself a sprawling company with projects in Brazil and throughout the U.S.

July 14, 2016
by oppo

Dr. Clay Siegall, Co-Founder of Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall has carved a substantial name for himself in the world of medicine. He has particularly made a name for himself in the area of cancer research. He began his career by earning a PhD. in Genetics from Goerge Washington University and a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He dove headlong into the world of medical research. Starting in 1988 until 1991 he worked much with the National Cancer Institute. From 1991 to 1997 he worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. In 1998 Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics and remains its president, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. There he put together a world-class team of medical researchers.

Since its founding, Siegall has led the company to develop several revolutionary types of cancer-fighting therapies. He has also helped Seattle Genetics raise $675 million in financial support. Since January 2014, Dr. Siegall has also been a board member for several other medical companies, Alder BioPharmaceuticals Ultragenyx among them. It is safe to say that Dr. Siegall is an immensely busy and productive individual. Another of these companies is Mirna Therapeutics for whom he is a director of the board.

Mirna Therapeutics is a very important medical research company that develops and puts out for public use microRNA therapeutics. The Mirna management are delighted and very grateful to have this giant of medical research, directing their board and the company vision. His acquisition to the team is seen has a huge stride in the development of microRNA therapeutics. To make it even more impressive is that Siegall was competing for the position against a long string of some of the very best medical research personalities on the planet. For his part, Siegall is very grateful to have gained a new avenue of advancing the health research of humanity.