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February 12, 2016
by oppo

GOP Field Narrows

A day after disappointing showings in the New Hampshire primary contest two Republican presidential candidates announced they were suspending their candidacy in the race. Chris Christie announced on Wednesday via Facebook that he would be ending his campaign. He met with staff and phoned donors to thank them for their support and said he had no regrets regarding his campaign.

Christie finished a disappointing 6th in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday and 10th in the Iowa caucuses. He will return to New Jersey to finish his term as Governor. Wednesday also saw the withdrawal of Carly Fiorina. Fiorina fared just as badly as Christie, coming in 7th in New Hampshire and 7th in Iowa.

In her announcement she vowed to continue to “fight for Jon Urbana and other Americans”, although offered no details on her future plans. With the exit of these two candidates, the GOP field has narrowed to a more manageable seven candidates. With the Nevada caucuses and South Carolina primary coming up on February 20th, the field may narrow even further.

February 11, 2016
by oppo

Darius Fisher: Top Innovator and Digital Fixer

As the president and co-founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher is making headlines as a top innovator. Status Labs is an online reputation management, digital marketing and public relations firm that serves more than 1,500 clients from 35 different countries by helping them increase sales through digital means. Status Labs also assists public figures hoping to rebound from a variety of scandals by managing and mitigating clients’ digital persona through either social media or Google search results. This firm is growing at a remarkable rate since its founding four years ago and now boasts a staff of 30 professionals ready to assist a wide range of clients with their online publicity needs.

Fisher has left his mark since graduating from Vanderbilt University with a BS in Economics. He has been both a successful creator and investor in various multi-million dollar companies. Fisher has used his digital acumen and business savvy to resuscitate the reputations of countless businessmen and public figures.

While maintaining a high degree of ethics and professionalism, Fisher helps high-level executive clients through some of the most stressful personal and professional times in their lives. With Fisher’s help, these businessmen are no longer forced to be victims of polarizing bad press that tends to only paint one side of a multi-faceted story. Fisher assesses his clients’ personal situation and strives to promote positive images of his client that will have a meaningful impact on readers. Fisher’s strategies for reputation management are rooted in his commitment to telling the truth and carefully crafting positive images of his clients that are accessible and interesting to readers.

In this digital age where social media and Google search results can dominate the public’s perception with a few simple clicks, the service Fisher provides through Status Labs is invaluable to his clients and their businesses.

February 9, 2016
by oppo

Choosing A Good Reputation Management Firm

Status Labs has a new board advisor, Mike Paul, president of Reputation Doctor. Considered one of the top crisis PR experts in the industry, Paul has great expertise in providing strategic insight and counsel. Darius Fisher, President of Status Labs, feels that having Paul on Status Labs’ advisory board is a wise move that will enable the company to continue to grow and prosper.

Mike Paul is a leader in crisis management, reputation, government relations, corporate communications, and litigation-support. For 25 years, Mike Paul has counseled corporations and companies like United Airlines, Pfizer, Merrill Lynch, GM, USDOJ, Kraft Foods, and FEMA, Goldman Sachs and many others. He has been featured on CNN, BBC News, Fox News, MSNBC, ESPN and many more.

Status Labs is a popular reputation management firm catering to high-profile individuals, companies and corporations. Status Labs help clients with removal of negative reviews and postings and restoration of online reputation, managing online reviews, customer service through social media promotion and challenging and suppressing content from search results. The company has a team of expert consultants and content marketing professionals with extensive experience in digital marketing. Status Labs utilizes various strategies and techniques to help clients convey an impressive presence online.

Effective reputation management service includes the creation of social media assets, websites, syndicated articles, press releases, and much more. And Status Labs renders top quality service at unbeatable rates. In addition to offering reputation management service, Status Labs offers a wealth of web services as well as digital marketing solutions.

It is always advisable to choose a reputation management firm that is well experienced, and Status Labs meets that requirement. The professionals at Status Labs are well trained and knowledgeable, and they are highly dedicated to providing top notch services to clients. These professionals take the time to determine what the client wants, and then design a reputation management program to meet the needs of the client.

By turning to the professionals at Status Labs Online Reputation Management, you can
rebuild or repair your online reputation and restore your credibility.

January 28, 2016
by oppo

Charles Koch and the Poverty

Charles Koch is one of the supporters of the free market and a smaller government. Among the problems that Charles Koch and his group sees with the justice system is that it is responsible for what is known as the poverty trap. This trap is known to cause despair and incarceration. Also, in this current justice system, the poor are looked at as less than the rich and are treated as such. Charles has been involved in giving to charitable organizations that are designed to promote free-market ideas. Charles has also helped to encourage people to be entrepreneurs and work for themselves.

Charles Koch has also helped his brother in his campaign for vice presidency in the Libertarian party. Charles and his group sees a major problem in the way things are. One major player in the issue is the justice system. They see that the justice system is not fair. Also, the justice system is wasteful when it comes to issues like incarceration. According to a study that has been conducted by Villanova University, mass incarceration is responsible for about 20% of the poverty rate. At lease a few million people would have been spared from being impoverished.

The Koch family believes that other people could be set free from poverty if changes have been made to the justice system. One thing that Charles Koch believes is that the classical liberal is all about a peaceful society that allows people opportunities for life improvement. Koch and Holden want a society where people succeed by helping others succeed. In order to accomplish that, there needs to be some cuts made to spending in the government. For instance, the law enforcers should focus on the real dangers and threats to society as opposed to the people who commit misdemeanors or are just faced with bad circumstances. If law enforcement centered on people who were major threats to society and security, then the justice system would be more efficient.

Charles Koch is very passionate about not only helping people, but teaching them how to help themselves. He does not like the idea of people having to depend on others for their needs. He not only gives to charities that promote these ideas, but he also speaks on these ideas in various impoverished neighborhoods. He also addresses the issues that are proving to be major barriers to people who are less fortunate. He understands that the key to financial independence is getting education and possibly becoming an entrepreneur.

January 28, 2016
by oppo

Keith Mann Supports NYPD in a Unique Way

Keith Mann is indeed the ultimate philanthropist for many reasons. He is well-known because he happens to be the Founder of Dynamic Search Partners. This is a New York company. Mann is currently involved in a powerful philanthropy effort. His current endeavor is to show strong and solid support for the NYPD. This latest effort has come about due to the violence and the protests that have been surrounding the police force. Mr. Mann, along with his wife, have made a gesture of thanks and gratitude toward the NYPD. This is a philanthropy effort that is meant to boost moral surrounding the entire force. The goal is to avoid feeding into the overall negativity that has come about. Keith and Keely Mann sent lunch to the 54th Street precinct. This is one philanthropy effort that really does speak volumes. This gesture of gratitude is quite personal to Mann. He has an uncle who is a detective in Staten Island.

Officers Deserve Thanks
This gesture of gratitude is meant to offer thanks to officers. They are deserving of receiving gratitude and support for their service. These officers do not deserve to be attacked. The role of every officer is to keep people safe. It should be known that officers do have their own families. Behind every uniform is a person who is very much like you and me.

Keith Mann is an Astute Executive
Keith Mann is indeed a generous philanthropist. He has been involved in many grand causes. It should be noted, Mann is also an experienced and astute executive. He has the ability to assess situations clearly. Solution and skills are part of the make-up of Mann. He is an individual who has been working within the search industry for several years. He is an expert within hedge fund compensation, hiring and staffing strategies. He established Dynamic Search Partners in 2009. He is indeed an astute executive who can be counted on to boost confidence and moral. He does this by giving credit to those who deserve it.

Read the full article here.

January 28, 2016
by oppo

Handy Cleaning Services Helped Me to Spend More Time With My Kids

There’s been many times in the past when I would come home from work, and my kids would want or need my attention for one reason or another. Sometimes, they would need help with their homework, and sometimes, they would just want me to play with them. I wanted to be there for them and spend as much time as I could with them. However, I had a whole house to keep up as well. We live in a five bedroom home with two bathrooms, which is quite big, and someone had to keep up with it.

The main chores that I had to do on a daily basis to keep our home looking halfway decent were the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, mopping the kitchen, picking up items several times a day, and some other smaller chores as well. These chores were to manage the house, but it was never enough to fully clean the home. I couldn’t do it anymore because I was too busy. My neighbor told me that Handy came in and cleaned their home, and they did a great job. She told me about all of the great services that they offer.
Some of the wonderful services that she told me about were cleaning the rooms in the home, cleaning inside the cabinets, cleaning inside the fridge, cleaning the oven, and some other services too. I knew that was the company that I needed to have come in and clean my home. I called them immediately, and they were glad to get me set up for regular cleanings. I now have the Handy workers come and clean my home twice a week, and they are always on time. They have the best cleaners, and they know what I need. I expect my home to look a certain way with the natural cleaning products that I use, and the Handy cleaners understand that, and they clean everything the way that I like it.

I am so glad that my neighbor told me about Handy. They not only do their job the right way, they never disappoint me either when it comes to the work they do. I’m no longer missing out on spending time with my children. I can come home from work and help them with their homework, and I can come home and play with my children before I have to make dinner. I am truly grateful for Handy. The company has helped me to spend more time with my kids because they clean my home when I need it.

January 28, 2016
by oppo

Fund Me Operation Smile ASAP, Thanks!

Avi Weisfogel began his lifelong dream of becoming a dentist when he completed dental school. He graduated with a dental degree, a DDS, from New York College of Dentistry. He had big plans for his degree and spared no time opening his own business in New Jersey. He also has degrees in Psychology and Biology which you will see helps him become the person he becomes in life. A dentist for 15 years before he chooses to add to his resume. He spends some of his spare time lecturings and providing dental coaching. He is the chief lecturer for the Healthy Heart Sleep company and he owns and operates the Dental Sleep Masters in New Jersey.

Avi Weisfogel has another interest besides his dentistry. He loves sports. He spends time with his family and friends watching games on his off time. He Likes the Cleveland Browns, The Los Angeles Dodgers, and the New York Rangers. Maybe he can be seen at times in the stands eating a hot dog and cheering on his team.

There is another passion that he has. He loves helping others. This is why he is setting up the Fund Me Page for the non-profit agency called Operation Smile. The nonprofit is responsible for paying for and offering dental help to people that are unable to pay for things like dental cleanings, and dental fillings. The fund will help poor people to take care of their dental issues without having to pay a dime. This is great because there are many people that need dental work that can not even pay for the food or clothes they need.

Dental vans or mobile units are traveling all around. They are operating on the idea that anyone that comes to the mobile unit is not able to pay. The non-profit agency is working hard to get the funding they need so no one will be turned down. Using machinery such as x-ray machines is not cheap. The funds will help pay for things such as this. It is so much easier to treat a person before it gets so bad that they have to pull the tooth. It is dangerous for someone to walk around with cavities. A simple x-ray and a dental cavity pull will give the person a better chance of keeping all their teeth. It is in the best interest of Operation Smile to find the funds to help before things get too bad. Fund Me Operation Smile ASAP. Thanks!

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January 27, 2016
by oppo

Stocks Headed Higher For The First Time In 2016

The year 2016 for stocks has been a terrible start. Everyone watched in horror as the market just continued to fall and fall. However, there has been at least a small uptick in the last week. This is important because it may indicate that there is still some value in certain names.

The oil trade seems to have been a large reason why the market started to go higher. Oil launched higher that week and started to finally show some signs of life. It seemed that oil might just keep going lower and lower for a long time, but finally it seems to have perhaps stopped the bleeding. At least for the time being this is the case.

One individual from Highland Capital Management by the name of James Dondero says that he believes that a lot of the rally may be nothing more than short covering. That is to say that he believes that people are mostly just buying to cover their short trades in this market. That of course translates to the idea that this is not a legitimate rally, but rather just a result of the fact that people were so short the market to begin with.

Jim Dondero is someone to listen to consider his greater than 30 years of experience in the capital markets. He is not some talking head on the television, but rather an experienced money manager with a lot of funds under management to back up what he has to say about the markets. He should not be viewed as just another voice in the crowd but rather someone who has the record to back up what he has to say.

Jim works in various parts of the market such as CDOs, real estate, mutual funds, and other types of investing. He takes a larger world view than most who are market hawks just watching the ups and downs of the market on a day to day basis. Rather, he is someone who can better view how one element impacts the other elements in the market. This in turn gives him a better chance to see how all of the pieces connect.

If Jim Dondero is saying that this rally is largely about shorts covering their trades, then he is probably right about that. At the very least, he has a better sense of what is going on than what most people do.

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January 26, 2016
by oppo

Greg Hague Speaks About His Real Estate Selling Methods

Real estate selling can be a very complicated task. Selling a house is not always an easy thing to do even in a good market with lots of potential buyers. Many sellers are not always even sure where to begin their plans to sell. This is where it can really make sense for them to consult with a real estate agent who knows a given area well and fully understands how best to assist customers in finding the right kind of buyer for their property. Working with an agent such as Greg Hague can help any person get help that will enable to them to sell their house as fast as possible for a price that is perfect for their needs.

Hague talks about his methods in a recent article in Forbes Magazine. In the article, he talks about the need to help bring excitement to any property and provide buyers with a sense of anticipation and happiness as they look through the property for the first time. Hague knows that part of the necessity of selling any house is to be able to help get local area buyers and real estate sellers with the sense that the property is special and should be immediately snapped up the second that it shows up on the market. He knows that an agent who is able to help generate such excitement is an agent who can expect to sell their sales rise quickly and help provide buyers and sellers with the best possible experience during the entire process.

In the last few decades, Hague has spend many years working working to develop a process that helps the seller connect with motivates and excited buyers who know what they want and have the means to buy it the second it comes to them. This is why he and his partners have started Real Estate Mavericks, a real estate coaching program. Their intention is to provide help for agents to help implement his ideas and use them in their own local area.

The result of his efforts has been a happy group of agents who can easily use his methods to help them provide sellers with a means of selling their house and doing so as quickly as possible. This is why the agency has been so successful. Their methods work and can be taught to any agent. They have been able to help provide a means that allows the buyer and the seller to meet in a way that is best for both. When a property is on the market and generates interest in it quickly, that property is likely to be snatched up as soon as possible and at the highest possible price by a happy buyer.

January 12, 2016
by oppo

Striving for Excellence in the Economic Sector

If ever in a conversation with Sam Tabar, it would undoubtedly end with Sam giving you advice about commodity investments or hedge funds or the market in general.  As a recently appointed CEO of an investment firm it’s only natural. One piece of advice Sam likes to give people about commodity investments is funds that are poorly managed. Funds that are not managed properly can be a hazard. For example, United States Oil Fund is expected to benchmark the price of WTI light crude oil. Share price of USO is more than 50% lower than recent crude oil prices. The end result being, this would not be a good investment, not if you want to purchase and sell commodities with precise and detailed pricing.

So you will walk away from the conversation knowing that research is time well spent, prior to investing. If you do not have the time to do some research, then only invest a little until you do find the time. Watch and study the history of the commodity, in order to find out how it is being managed. An excellent commodity that is poorly managed can be the same as a bad commodity.
The love of investment has always been in Sam Tabar blood. And he likes to share that knowledge.

Graduating from Oxford University, Sam moved on to Columbia Law School. Serving as the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review, he quickly learned that investment knowledge is good, however investment and legal knowledge is much better. After graduating he joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, which is a highly regarded law firm.

Eventually Mr. Tabar left the firm, landing himself a very sought after position as Director and Head of Capital Strategy for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Today Mr. Tabar is finding time to give back. He has added a startup company called THINX to his investment portfolio. THINX helps women in places like Africa to achieve their dreams by providing sanitary pads. Any customer that purchases underwear from THINX will be providing at least 6 reusable cloth sanitary pads for women in these areas. In this part of the world, women will generally miss days from work or school during these times. This move makes it clear, that Sam Tabar is not only a man with a lot of investment ideas, but also a lot of heart.  Sam has also opened his own GoFundMe to continue helping the Children of Africa.  Updates are frequently posted to his Instagram, about how the campaign is going.